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CM-00424AMP-7RB-09 219560-4 23-4P UTP-CMR SOL BC PE/PVC GRIS
255030 5-1375204-4 PLUG RJ45 SÓLIDO, CAT 6, NIVEL 7 PARA CABLE UTP (PK25)
109687 5-554720-4 PLUG RJ45 SANDARD PARA 24/26/28 AWG SÓLIDO (PK25)
109685 5-554739-4 PLUG RJ45 PARA STRANDED 28/26 AWG (PK25)
176876 5-569530-2 PLUG RJ45 BLINDADO PARA 25/26 AWG
109686 5-555042-4 PLUG RJ11 SÓLIDO PARA 24/26 AWG (PK25)
109683 5-641335-7 PLUG RJ11, 6 PO, 4 COND SOLIDO PARA 28/26 AWG (PK25)
143320 2-231652-1 CRIMPEADORA CON DADO RJ45
129711 853400-8 DADO PARA RJ11 Y RJ9
129546 853400-3 DADO PARA RJ9
109682 5-641334-7 MOD PLUG 4POS 4CON FOR


Lista de Tyco Electronics


Aerospace, Defense & Marine
Aerospace/Military High Performance Relays AGP (Accelerated Graphic Port) Connector
Air Bag and Seat Belt Connectors (SQUIB) Air Pressure Fittings (AMP-FIT)
Alignment Free Connectors (Board-to-Board) AMC and MicroTCA Standards (Card Edge) Products
AMP 0.64 mm Connector System AMP EDGE Connectors
AMP EDGE Single Lead PC Terminals AMP PACE and AMP ECONOMATE Connectors
AMP RAST 5 (Standard Timer, Appliance) Connectors AMP STACK Connectors and Application Tooling
AMP Tandem Spring AMP-BARREL Terminals
AMP-BLADE Two-Piece Printed Circuit Edge Connectors and Contacts AMP-DUAC 4.2mm & 4.4mm, 600 V, Dual Action Receptacle Contact (AMP-DUAC, AMP-DUAC/PL & AMP-DUAC/UPC)
AMP-FIT Connectors AMP-HDI (Four Beam) & TBC (Twin Beam) Connectors
AMP-HDI and TBC Accessories AMP-HDI Hybrid Connectors and Contacts
AMP-HDI LRM (Line Replacement Module) Connectors AMP-LATCH Ribbon Cable Connector System.....Pictures
AMP-LEAF Connectors AMP-TY Nylon Cable Ties and Accessories
AMP-ULTREX Interconnection System AMPACT Aluminum Tap System Accessories
AMPACT Copper Grounding System AMPINNERGY Wire-To-Board Connectors
AMPINNERGY Wire-To-Wire Connectors AMPLI-BOND Ring Tongue Terminals
AMPLIMITE (D Subminiature).....Alphabetical AMPLIMITE (D Subminiature).....Pictures
AMPLIVAR, Magnet Wire Terminals AMPMODU.....Alphabetical
AMPMODU.....Pictures AMPOWER.....Alphabetical
Antennas ARINC 404 Connectors
ARINC 600 Connectors ARINC 600/404 Contacts
ASI Bus Connectors (M8/M12 Connector System) AT Adapter Cable Assembly
AT Modem Cable Assemblies ATA (SATA) Serial Connectors
ATA Serial Cable Assemblies ATCA Hardware
Audio System Combination Connectors for Cars Audio/Instrument Connectors
Automotive Electronics - .100 Centerline AMPMODU Connection System Automotive Fiber Optic Products
Automotive Relays Automotive Special Application Products
Backplane Connectors, Fiber Optic
Ball Grid Array (BGA) Matrix Series Sockets
Ballast Interconnections Ballast Products & LED Interconnections
Barrier Strips, Barrier Strip Sockets and Accessories Battery Interconnection System for Portable Electronics
Battery Stud Terminal Block Between Series Coax Adapters (BSA's)
Blind Mate Connectors (RF) BNC Connectors
BNC Connectors, Twin Board Mount Connectors, Standard (Subminiature and Microminiature D Connectors)
Board-to-Board, Compression Coax RF Connectors Board-to-Board, Fine Pitch Surface-Mount Stacking Connectors
Box Contact Connector Contacts and Accessories Box Contact Connectors
Braid, Fixed or Spin (2XX) and Tinel Lock (TXR) Cable Termination Adapters BRAID-PIC Contacts and Terminals
Breakaway Headers Budget Ring and Spade Tongue Terminals
Budget Splices Bullet Terminal
Bus Bar (Pluggable) Connector Bus Bar Interconnects
Bus Bar Quick Connect/Disconnect Connectors (RAPID LOCK) and CROWN LINE Power Bus Bar System Butt Splices
Button Battery Holder Connector Button Terminals
C-LOK Grounding and Bonding Connectors
Cable Products .... Alphabetical
Cache Sockets Calibration Labels
Cammed Rectangular, Zero Insertion Force Connector System Cantilever Connectors
Capacitors Caps for Wire
Car Audio Systems (Combination Connectors) Card Edge - AMC and MicroTCA Standards Products
Card Edge Connectors.....Alphabetical Card Edge Connectors.....Pictures
Card Edge Terminal Blocks Cassette Connectors and Adapters
CD-ROM/Sound Card Audio Cable Standard CeeLok FAS-T Connectors
Cell Site Cellular Phone Interconnection Products
Centronics Extension Cable Assemblies CERTI-SEAL Coax Coupling Closure
CFP Products CHAMP Connectors.....Pictures
Circuit Breakers (Magnetic and Thermal) Circular Connectors and Accessories.....Alphabetical
Circular DIN Connectors.....Pictures Circular Threaded Coupling Connectors
Closed Barrel Terminals Closed End Splices
Closure (CERTI-SEAL) Coax Coupling Cluster Blocks
Coaxial Cable (RG-Type, Ethernet and Twin-Ax) Coaxial Connector Products
COAXICON Multiple Coaxial Contacts COAXICON Series MCX Microminiature Coaxial Connectors
Combination Connectors for Car Audio Systems Commercial Interconnection System (CIS)
Commercial MATE-N-LOK (.200" Centerline, 250 V, 13 A max.) Common Termination (CT) Connectors
Commoning Bars for Rectangular Connectors Communications/Signal Relays
CompactFlash CompactPCI ... Product Type Search
Compression Coax Board-to-Board RF Connectors Conductor Mounted Identifier Plates
Conduit Connectors, Flexible Connector System For IEEE1394 Serial Bus
Connectors and Accessories for Overhead Cables Contact True Position Assurance (Universal MATE-N-LOK II), .250" C/L, 600 V, 19 A max.
Contacts (AMPMODU) Contacts (Multimate)
Contacts (RF Coaxial) Contacts for Automotive Applications
Continuous Post Contacts, AMPMODU 0.64 [.025] Sq. Continuous Post Contacts, AMPMODU 1.14 [.045] Sq.
Control Relays Convenience Outlets
COPALUM Connectors & Heat Shrink Tubing COPALUM Splices
COPALUM Terminals Copper Grid Connectors, WRENCH-LOK Connectors
Copper Grounding Connectors (SHEAR-LOK) Copper Grounding System (AMPACT)
Copper Grounding System, AMPACT Connectors CPC (Circular Plastic) & Metal Shell CPC Connectors.....Pictures
CPC Medical Connectors CR ZIF Connector System
Creepage Insulating Tubing and Extenders Crimp AMPMODU Housings & Contacts
Crimp Snap Twin Leaf Connectors Crimp Termination (EI Series Connectors)
Crimpband Splices Cross Connect Terminals
CROWN CLIP Connectors CROWN EDGE (Mini) High Current Connectors
CROWN EDGE Modular Card Edge Power Distribution Connectors CROWN LINE Power Bus Bar System and RAPID LOCK Quick Connect/Disconnect Bus Bar Connectors
CST-100 Connectors CT (Common Termination) Connector System ... Pictures
Curing Ovens, Epoxy, Hand Polishing Products and Accessories
D Subminiature and Microminiature.....Alphabetical
D Subminiature and Microminiature.....Pictures
Data Bus Components DB9 Cable Assemblies
DB9, DB25 and DB37 Extension Cable Assemblies Decoupled BNC Connectors
Defense, Aerospace & Marine DensiPac and SIPAC Products
DIAMOND GRIP Ring and Spade Tongue Terminals Digital Visual Interface (DVI) Cable Assemblies
Digital Visual Interface (DVI) Receptacles DIMM Sockets
DIN (Eurocard) Connectors & Contacts.....Alphabetical DIP & SIP Switches - Standard
DIP Sockets DIP Switches - Rotary
Direct Connection System (DCS/LCD Connector) Discrete Sockets
DisplayPort™ Connectors DLI Connectors
Docking Connectors DOMINO Modular Power Connectors
Dot Matrix and Thermal Transfer Ribbons Double Lock Connectors.....Pictures
Drawer Connector Products DUO-TYNE Flag Connectors
DUOPLUG 2.5mm & 5mm Connector System DuraSeal Products
DVI (Digital Visual Interface) Cable Assemblies DVI (Digital Visual Interface) Receptacles
Dynamic Series Connector Accessories Dynamic Series Connectors.....Alphabetical
Dynamic Series Connectors.....Pictures
e-con Sensor Connectors
ECONOMATE Connectors
Economy Interconnection (EI) Series Connectors Economy Interconnection Products.....Pictures
Economy Power Connectors Econoseal Connectors, Series E, EH and EHM
Econoseal III Econoseal J Series [Mark II (+)]
Econoseal Sealed Pin & Socket Connectors EI Series Connectors
Elastomer Tubing ELECTRO-TAP Cable Connector/Splice
Embedded Embedded Antennas
EMP and Lightning Protection Products Energy Products - Terminals & Connectors for Underground Networks
Epoxy Products (Fiber Optic) eSATA Standard Connectors
ESCON (IBM Aproved) Connectors and Accessories ESCON Cable Assembly
ESD Protectors Ethernet Switches, Media Converters and Device Servers
Eurocard Connectors.....Alphabetical Eurocard Connectors.....Pictures
Europa Terminal Blocks EVERCLEAR (Mini-SAS) Connectors
ExpressCard and PC Card Connectors & 
F Series and G Series Coaxial Connectors
FASTIN-FASTON Multiple Circuit Receptacles and Tabs
FASTON Insulated - Quick Disconnect Receptacles FASTON Splices
FASTON Tab Adapters FASTON Tab Caps
FASTON Uninsulated Receptacles and Housings FB (Futurebus+) 2mm, Z-PACK Connectors
FC Type Connectors FC, LC, SC and ST Connector Accessories
Fiber Optic Accessories Fiber Optic Products.....Alphabetical
Fiber Optic Products.....Pictures Fiber Optic Test Kits
Filters and Accessories Fine Pitch Surface-Mount Stacking Connectors (Board-to-Board)
Firewire (Cable Assemblies for IEEE 1394 Serial Bus) Firewire (Connector System For IEEE1394 Serial Bus)
Fittings, Air Pressure (AMP-FIT) Fixed Resistors
Flat Ribbon Cable FLATPAQ True Hot-Plug Connectors
Flexible Conduit Connectors Flexible Film Products.....Alphabetical
Flexible Film Products.....Pictures FlexLine Wire Spec 80
FLEXSTRIP® Jumpers Fluorescent Tube and Lamp Sockets
Force Guided Contact Relays Four Beam (AMP-HDI) Connectors
FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) Connectors Free Height Surface-Mount Connectors (Board-to-Board)
FSD Connectors FSMA Connectors
G Series and F Series Coaxial Connectors
G Series Modular Connectors (A Multimate Product)
Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT) General Purpose Rectangular (GPR) Connectors
General Purpose Relays Generation Y 0.64 mm Connector System
Generic Snake and Pad Connectors GET 0.64 mm (Global Electronic Technology) Connector System
GIGA 0.6mm AMP Free Height Surface-Mount Connectors (Board-to-Board) Grace Inertia Connectors (GIC) 2mm, 3.5mm and 6.2mm
Grounding Clip Grounding Connectors.....Pictures
Hand Polishing Products and Accessories (Fiber Optic)
Hardware/Software Products
HDMI™ Connectors HDR Connectors (High Density Rectangular)
HE 13/HE 14, AMPMODU Headers and Receptacles (AMPMODU).....Alphabetical
Headers and Receptacles (AMPMODU).....Pictures Headers, .100 Centerline
Heat Shrink Tubing & Connector System, COPALUM Heat Shrinkable Products
Heat Sink Assemblies Heavy Duty Industrial Relays
Hermaphroditic Blade and Receptacle Connectors (Wire-to-Board and Board-to-Board) HexaShield Adapters
High Current (Mini CROWN EDGE) Connectors High Current (Power Connector) Products
High Current SEC II Connectors High Density Backplane Connectors (Impact™)
High Density Connectors High Frequency Relays
High Performance Interconnects (HPI) High Performance Solid State Relays
High Speed Cables High Speed Connectors.....Alphabetical
High Speed Connectors.....Pictures High Temperature Ring and Spade Tongue Terminals (STRATO-THERM)
High Temperature Splices (STRATO-THERM) High Voltage Products
High Voltage Products ... Alphabetical High Voltage Relays
HM 2 mm, Z-PACK Contacts and Accessories HM 2mm, Z-PACK PCB Mount Connectors
HM-Zd PCB Mount Connectors Holtite® Series Zero Profile Solderless DIP Sockets
Hook Tongue Terminals HPI (High Performance Interconnects)
HSSDC Cable Assemblies HSSDC Connectors
HSSDC Receptacles and Loopback Assembly HSSDC2 Connectors
HTS Heavy Duty Connectors HV-100, .100 Inch Centerline
HV-190, .100 Inch Centerline HXC125 Polymer Interconnect System
Hybrid Adapters, Fiber Optic
IC Sockets.....Pictures
IDC AMPMODU Housings & Contacts
IDC Pivot Connectors IDC Termination (MT EI Series Connectors)
IDC, MTE Interconnection System Identifier Plates
IEEE 1284 Cable Assemblies IEEE 1386 Mezzanine Connector
IEEE 1394 Cable Assemblies IEEE 488 Cable Assemblies
IEEE1394 Serial Bus Connector System Impact™ High Density Backplane Connectors
Industrial Panel Mount Switches Industrial Relays (General Purpose)
Industrial Relays (Heavy Duty) Input/Output Modules and Boards
Inspection Microscopes, Kits and Accessories Installer (Professional)/Termination Kits and Accessories (Fiber Optic)
Insulation and Bundling Products ISA Connectors (Standard Edge II)
Junior-Power-Timer Contacts
Junior-Timer Contacts
Keyboard Extension Cable Assemblies
Keying Plugs for Rectangular Connectors, Soft Shell
Keylock Switches Keylock Switches (Standard)
Kits and Accessories Knife Disconnect Splices
Label ID Products
Lamp Socket Products (High Intensity Discharge for Automotive Applications)
Lamp Socket Products for Appliance Applications Laplink (Parallel and Serial) Cable Assemblies
Lattice Connectors LC Connectors
LC, FC, SC and ST Connector Accessories Leadframes
LED Poke-In Products LEPRA/CON Ultra Miniature Connectors
Level V, AMPMODU LGA Sockets
LGH Connectors LIF PGA Sockets
LIGHT-N-LOK Hot-Pluggable Connectors Lighting Products
Lightning and EMP Protection Products LIGHTPLANE® Connectors, Fiber Optic
LIGHTRAY MPO Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies LIGHTRAY MPX Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
LIGHTRAY MPX™ Housings, Coupling Adapter and Evaluation Kits Linear ZIF Connectors
Locking Clip, AMPMODU Loopback Assembly for HSSDC and HSSDC2
Louvertac Bands Low Profile Miniature AMP-IN Connectors
Low Smoke, Zero Halogen (LSZH) Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies LVDS and SCI
M Series Pin & Socket Connectors.....Pictures
M-ZIF Wire-to-Board Connectors
M8/M12 Connector System MAG-MATE Terminals for Motor Cavities
Magnet Wire Terminals Magnetic Circuit Breakers
Marine, Aerospace & Defense Mass Termination Assembly (MTA) Connectors.....Pictures
Mass Termination EI Series Connectors (MTEI) Mass Termination, Economy (MTE Interconnection System)
Matched Impedance Connector (MICTOR) Matrix Series BGA (Ball Grid Array) Sockets
Maxi-Power-Timer Contacts MCX Microminiature Connectors
MDI Connectors Medical Applications LGH Connectors
Medical CPC Connectors Memory (Removable) Products
Memory Sockets Metal Shell Micro Circular Threaded Coupling Connectors
Metrimate (5mm [197"] Centerline, 600 V, 14 A max.) Mezzanine Connectors
Micro MATE-N-LOK (3mm Centerline, 250V, 5 A max.) Micro PICABOND Connectors
Micro-MaTch Connectors Micro-Miniature (LGH) Connectors & Cable Assemblies
Micro-Power Quadlok and Power Quadlok System Micro-Stack Connectors, 0.6mm Centerline
Micro-Strip Cable Assemblies Micro-Strip, Z-PACK, High Speed Connectors.....Alphabetical
Micro-Strip, Z-PACK, High Speed Connectors.....Pictures Micro-Timer I Contacts
Micro-Timer II Contacts Microminiature D Connectors
Microminiature D Picture Search Microscopes (Inspection), Kits and Accessories
MicroTCA and AMC Standards (Card Edge) Products Mid-Range Relays, Military/Aerospace
Military AMPLIMITE Subminiature D Pin Socket Connectors Military/Aerospace High Performance Relays
Military/Aerospace Mid-Range Relays Mini and Standard Universal Serial Bus (USB) Connectors
Mini CROWN EDGE High Current Connectors Mini CT (Common Termination) Connectors
Mini RJ21 Cable Assemblies Mini Universal MATE-N-LOK (.163" Centerline, 600 V, 9.5 A max.)
Mini Universal MATE-N-LOK (.163" Centerline, 600 V, 9.5 A max., Contact True Position Assurance) Mini Vibration Proof Connectors (1.0mm & 1.5mm)
Mini-Box Connectors, .050 [1.27] Centerline Mini-Drop Wire Splice
Mini-Match Connectors Mini-Multilock Connectors
Mini-PCI Connectors Mini-SAS Connectors
Miniature AMP-IN Terminals Miniature BNC (Coax)
Miniature CPC (Circular Plastic Connector) Miniature Rectangular (.165" Centerline, 250 V, 9 A max.)
Miniature Ribbon Connectors (CHAMP).....Pictures Miniature Threaded Connectors (RF)
MiniSeal Splices MINIWEDGE Connectors
Miscellaneous Automotive (Special Application Products) Miscellaneous Grounding Connectors
Miscellaneous Terminals MMCX Series Connectors (RF)
MMIC (Multimedia Interface Connector) Mobile Phone Interconnection Products
Mobile Phone/Smart Phone Products Mod IV, AMPMODU
Mod V, AMPMODU Modem (AT) Cable Assemblies
Modem (Null) Cable Assemblies Modified Bellows Connectors
Modified Fork Connectors Modular Card Edge Power Distribution Connectors (CROWN EDGE)
Modular Couplers Modular Plugs and Jacks.....Alphabetical
Modular Plugs and Jacks.....Pictures Molded Parts (End Caps, Distribution Boots, etc.)
Motor Cavity Terminals, MAG-MATE MPO Connectors
MPX (AMP LIGHTRAY) Housings, Coupling Adapter and Evaluation Kits MT EI Series Connectors
MT Interconnection System (MTIS) MT, AMPMODU
MT-6/MT-7 Connectors MT-Edge Connectors
MT-RJ (Small Form-Factor Pluggable) Transceivers and Components MT-RJ Connectors
MTA (Mass Termination Assembly) Connectors.....Pictures MTC Crimp Connector Shells, Inserts and Contacts
MTCT Modular Rectangular Connectors for LuxCis™ Optical Termini MTE, AMPMODU
MTE, MT, Tandem Spring Products MU (Fiber Optic) High Density Interconnection System
Multi Pin Plus Connectors and Contacts (AMPOWER) MULTI-BEAM XL and MULTI-BEAM XLE - Power Distribution Connector System
Multi-MediaCard (MMC) Connectors Multi-Port PCB Modular Jacks
N Series Coax Connectors
N Series II Hex Crimp Coax Connectors
Nanominiature Connectors and Cable Assemblies NECTOR Connector System
NECTOR S Line Connectors NEMA Terminal Blocks and Accessories
New Economy Rack-Mounted Cabinet (NERC) NLX Connector
NM Sheathed Cable Splices and Tap Non-Metallic Cable Splices and Tap
Nuclear Ring Terminals Null Modem Cable Assemblies
Open Barrel Ring Tongue Terminals
OSMM Coax Connectors
OSMP Microminiature Push-On Coaxial Connectors OSMT/SSMT Surface Mount Interconnect
OSX (MCX) Overhead Transmission and Distribution Products.....Pictures
PARA-OPTIX™ Cable Assemblies
Parallel Connectors (CHAMP).....Pictures
Parallel Splices PC Cable Connectors, Subminiature D
PC Card Connectors & Accessories PC Internal Cable Assemblies
PC/104 and PC/104 Plus PC/AT Modem Cable Assemblies
PCB Connector Hood Assembly for AMP-LEAF & Crimp Snap Twin Leaf PCB Mount Connectors, 2mm HM Z-PACK
PCB Mounted Jacks - Single Port, Multi-port and Stacked PCB Pin Receptacles and Receptacles
PCB Switches and Knobs.....Alphabetical PCB Switches and Knobs.....Pictures
PCB, High Density, Two-Piece Connectors.....Pictures PCI Connectors
PCI Express Connectors PCMCIA
PCMCIA Cable Assemblies PED-CON Raised Floor/Signal Reference Grid Connector
PGA Sockets Phone Plugs and Jacks Alphabetical Search
Photovoltaic Interconnection System (SOLARLOK)1 PICABOND Connectors
PIDG Ring and Spade Tongue Terminals Piggy Back Receptacle/Tab Combination
Pilot Lights Pin & Socket Connectors
Pins and Receptacles Pipe and Valve Fittings, AMP-FIT Connectors
Pivot (IDC) Connectors PLASTI-GRIP Ring and Spade Tongue Terminals
Plastic Cable Wrap, Cable Clamps, Cable Ties and Accessories, Tapes and Sealants Plastic Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
PLCC Sockets Plug Adapter Assemblies
Pluggable Bus Bar Connector Pluggable I/O Products
Poke-In Wire Tap/Splice Polishing Machine Accessories
PolyCrimp Splices PolySwitch Resettable Devices
Portable Labeling System Positive Lock RAST 5
Positive Lock Receptacles and Housings Positive Lock Receptacles, Ultra-Pod
Positive Mate Connectors and Contacts Positive Mate Mark IV Connectors and Contacts
Post Shunts Posted Contacts, Continuous, AMPMODU 0.64 [.025] Sq.
Posted Contacts, Continuous, AMPMODU 1.14 [.045] Sq. Potentiometers and Trimmers
Power Cable Splices, Repair Sleeves and End Seals Power Cable Terminations
Power Toggle Switches Power.....Alphabetical
PQFP Sockets Pre-Marked Wire and Cable Markers
Preprogrammed DIP Switches Printed Circuit Board Connector Hood Assembly
Printed Circuit Board Disconnects Printed Circuit Board Terminals and Disconnects.....Pictures
Printed Circuit Connectors, Wrap Type and TERMI-TWIST PRO BEAM® Sr., PRO BEAM® Jr., PRO BEAM® Mini and Expanded Beam Connectors
Professional Installer/Termination Kits and Accessories (Fiber Optic) Programming Jumper Plug Assemblies
Proner Connectors and Housings Protective Relays
Pulse Lock Connectors and Contacts Pushbutton Switches
Pushbutton Switches (Industrial) Pushwheel Switches
Q-CEE's Identification Labels
QMA Connectors
QSFP (Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable) QSL RF Connector System
Quadlok System (Micro-Power and Power) QUADRAX Circular and Rectangular Connectors
Quadrax Size 8 Contacts Quick Connect/Disconnect Tabs and Receptacles ... Product Type Search
QuickGrip Connectors (SMT) Quiet Front.....Pictures
Rack and Panel Connectors
Radiation Resistant/Pre-Insulated Terminals & Splices
RAPID LOCK Quick Connect/Disconnect Bus Bar Connectors and CROWN LINE Power Bus Bar System RAST 5 Appliance (Standard Timer) Connectors
RAST 5, AMP POSITIVE LOCK RCA Video Cable Assemblies
Receptacles (Insulated) - Quick Disconnect Receptacle Receptacles and Headers (AMPMODU)...Alphabetical
Receptacles and Headers (AMPMODU)...Pictures Receptacles and Housings (Uninsulated) - FASTON
Receptacles and Loopback Assembly for HSSDC Receptacles and Pins
Receptacles for Tabs Receptacles for Tabs, Multiple Circuit, FASTIN-FASTON
Receptacles, Plugs and Loopback Assembly for HSSDC and HSSDC2 Refractive Plate Switch
Relays Remote I/O Terminal System
Removable Memory Products Resistors, Fixed
RF & Coax RF and Microwave Products
RF Antenna Products RF Distribution/DAS
Ribbon Cable Ribbon Cable Connector System (AMP-LATCH).....Pictures
Ribbon-Board Connectors (Micro-MaTch) Ribbons (Thermal Transfer and Dot Matrix Printers)
RIMM Sockets Ring and Spade Terminals - Uninsulated
Ring and Spade Tongue Terminals RITS Interconnection System Connectors
RJ-45 Circular Sealed Connectors RJxx Connectors.....Alphabetical
RJxx Connectors.....Pictures Rocker/Paddle Switches
Rotary Cam ZIF Connectors and Accessories Rotary DIP Switches
Rotary Relays Rotary Switches
RS-232 RS-System
RS-System Accessories RS-System Contacts
RSD (Retractable Shroud Duplex Connectors)/ESCON (IBM Approved) Connectors and Accessories
S-Video Cable Assemblies
SAI (Self-Aligning Interconnect) Connectors
SC & FC Singlemode Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies SC Connectors
SC, ST, FC and LC Connector Accessories SCA-2
SCART Connectors SCCS (Steering Column Combination Switch) Connectors
SCSI.....Alphabetical SDL (Shielded Data Link) Connectors.....Alphabetical
SDL (Shielded Data Link) Connectors.....Pictures Sealed Connectors ... Product Type Search
Sealed Connectors Picture Search Sealed RJ-45 Circular Connectors
SEC II (High Current) Connectors SEC II Power Connectors
SEC-Z High Speed Card Edge Selector and Keylock Switches
Self-Aligning Connectors (Alignment Free) Self-Aligning Interconnect (SAI) Connectors
Sensor Connectors - M8/M12 Connector System Sensor Receptacle Contacts
Sensors and Time Delay Relays Serial ATA (SATA) Connectors
Serial ATA Cable Assemblies Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Connectors
Serial Bus Connectors (USB, IEEE 1394) and Serial Bus Connector Blocks SFP+ (Small Form Factor Pluggable)
SHEAR-LOK Copper Tap Connectors Shielded Products
Short Point, AMPMODU Shunts - DIP Shunts and Post Shunts
Shunts, Switches, and Knobs.....Pictures Shunts, Switches, Knobs.....Alphabetical
SHV Connectors SIAMEZE Terminals
Signal Double Lock Connector (2.5mm) Signal Mate Connectors (2.5mm)
Signal Reference/Raised Floor Grounding Connector (PED-CON) Signal Relays
SIM Connectors SIMM Sockets
SIMM/DIMM/Cache Sockets Single-Port PCB Modular Jacks
SIP Sockets SIP Switches
SIPAC and DensiPac Products SL-156 Connectors
Slide Switches Slot 1 Connector (Pentium II)
SMA Connectors Smart Card Connectors
SMB (Standard and Miniature) Connectors SMC Connectors
SMT Poke-In Lighting Connector SMT QuickGrip Products
Snap Action Switches Snap-Lock Coaxial Connectors
Sockets..... Picture Soft Shell Connectors.....Alphabetical
Soft Shell Connectors.....Pictures Software/Hardware Products
SOLARLOK - Photovoltaic Interconnection System SolderGrip Splices
SolderShield Cable Splices SolderSleeve Terminators
SolderSleeve Wire Splices SolderTact Contacts
Solid State Relays (High Performance) Solid State Relays and Input/Output Modules
SOLISTRAND Ring and Spade Tongue Terminals SOLISTRAND Splices
Spade and Ring Tongue Terminals Spade Tongue Terminals
Spark Plug Contact Spec 44 and Spec 55 Wire and Cable
Spec 80 FlexLine Wire Spec 99 and Spec 100G Wire and Cable
Special Appliance Connectors.....Pictures Special Coaxial Contacts
Specialty Labeling Identification Products SPIRAP Plastic Cable Wrap
Splash Proof/Sealed (Universal MATE-N-LOK), .250" C/L, 600 V, 19 A max., Splice Closures - FOSC 400
Splices Splices and Terminals.....Alphabetical
Splices and Terminals.....Pictures Splices SolderGrip
Splices, MiniSeal Spring Probe Connectors (SPC)
Spring Spade Terminals SSC (Sealed Sensor Connector) System
SSMA Subminiature Coaxial Connectors SSMT/OSMT Surface Mount Interconnect
ST & SC Multimode Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies ST, LC, SC, and FC Connector Accessories
ST-Style Connectors STACK (AMP STACK) Connectors and Application Tooling
Stacked Connectors (Subminiature and Microminiature D Connectors) Stacked PCB Modular Jacks
Tab, FASTON, Wire Crimp
Tabs and Receptacles, Quick Connect/Disconnect ... Product Type Search
Tabs, Tab Adapters, and Tab Caps Taper Pins and Blocks
Tapes and Sealants Taps.....Alphabetical
TBC (Twin Beam) Connectors and AMP-HDI (Four Beam) Connectors TBC and AMP-HDI Accessories
Tel-Splice (Telephone Cable) Connectors Telecommunication Cable Connectors and Application Tooling (AMPSTACK)
Telecommunications Cable Telematic Antennas
Telephone (Modular) Connectors.....Alphabetical Telephone (Modular) Connectors.....Pictures
Telephone Cable Splice (PICABOND) TERMASHIELD Coax Shielded Wire Crimp
TERMI-BLOK Connectors TERMI-FOIL Terminals and Splices
TERMI-TWIST and Wrap-Type Printed Circuit Connectors Terminal Block Products.....Pictures
Terminal Junction System (TJS) Module & Splice Assemblies Terminals & Connectors for Underground Networks
Terminals (Cross Connect) Terminals and Splices.....Alphabetical
Terminals and Splices.....Pictures Termination/Professional Installer Kits and Accessories (Fiber Optic)
Terminators.....Alphabetical TERMINYL Ring Tongue Terminals
Test Probe Receptacles Thermal Circuit Breakers
Thermal Transfer and Dot Matrix Ribbons Thermistors
Time Delay Relays and Sensors Timer and Water Valve Coil Connectors
Timer Connectors Timer Connectors for Appliances
Timer Contacts TNC Connectors
Toggle Switches Toggle Switches - Power
Transformers Transistor Sockets and Adapters
Transmission Line Products...Alphabetical Search Triax Connectors
Trimmers and Potentiometers Twin Beam (AMP-HDI) Connectors
Twin BNC Connectors Twin Leaf Mother Board Connectors
Twin Threaded Connectors (RF) Twinax Connectors
Two-Piece Printed Circuit Edge Connectors and Contacts (AMP-BLADE) Two-Piece, High Density PCB Connectors.....Pictures
TXR Cable Termination Adapters Type C Coax, Standard DIN Contacts
UHF/Miniature UHF Connectors
Ultra Miniature Connectors (LEPRA/CON)
ULTRA-POD Receptacles Ultra-Pod, Positive Lock Receptacles
Ultraminiature Coax Connectors (UMCC) & Cable Assemblies UMCC (Ultraminiature Coax Connectors) & Cable Assemblies
Undercarpet Cabling Underground Networks (Terminals & Connectors)
Universal Distribution Connectors Universal MATE-N-LOK II, High Current Products
Universal MATE-N-LOK II, Housings for High Current Contacts Universal MATE-N-LOK, .250" C/L, 600 V, 19 A max.
Universal MATE-N-LOK, Circular Universal Power Module (For use with Z-PACK 2mm HM, Z-PACK HS3, Z-PACK HM-Zd and MULTI GIG RT2J)
Universal Power-UP (3.96mm x 4.6mm [.156" x .181"] Centerline, 600 V, 12 A max.) Universal Serial Bus....Alphabetical
USB Connectors...Alphabetical Utilities Industry - Terminals & Connectors for Underground Networks
VAL-U-LOK Series Connector System
Variable Resistors
VGA to BNC Video Cable Assemblies VGA Video Extension Cable Assemblies
VHDCI Cable Assemblies Vibration Proof Connectors (1.0mm & 1.5mm)
Voltage Regulator Module (VRM) Header VRM Header (Voltage Regulator Module Header)
Water Valve Coil Connectors
Wave Crimp System (AMPOWER)
Weld Tab Wideband Integrated Management Systems (WIMS)
Wire and Cable Wire and Harness ID Products
Wire Caps Wire Pin
Wire Spec 80 FlexLine Wire Splices (SolderSleeve)
Wire Terminators Wire-to-Board, MTE Interconnection System
Wire-to-Wire, MTE Interconnection System Wrap-Type and TERMI-TWIST Printed Circuit Connectors
WRENCH-LOK Copper Grid Connectors
X2 Products
Xenpak Products
Xpak Products
Z-PACK .050 J-Series Interconnection System
Z-PACK 2mm FB (Futurebus+) Connectors Z-PACK 2mm HM Connectors for Compact PCI and VME 64 PO/JO Applications
Z-PACK 2mm HM Contacts and Accessories/Compact PCI and VME 64 PO/JO Applications Z-PACK 2mm HM PCB Mount Connectors
Z-PACK 2mm HM Universal Power Module Z-PACK HM-Zd PCB Mount Connectors
Z-PACK HS3 Z-PACK Stripline 100 Connectors
Z-PACK TinMan High Density Backplane Connectors Z-PACK, Micro-Strip, High Speed Connectors.....Alphabetical
Z-PACK, Micro-Strip, High Speed Connectors.....Pictures Z-STACK Connectors
ZDC/BNC Coaxial Connectors Zero Profile Solderless DIP Sockets on Reel (Holtite® Series)
ZIF (CR) Connector System ZIF (M-ZIF) Wire-to-Board Connectors
ZIF Linear Connectors ZIF PGA Sockets
ZIF Rotary Cam Connectors and Accessories
0.025 Centerline High-Speed Standard Edge Connectors
0.025 Series Connectors
0.025 [0.64] Centerline Matched Impedance Connector (MICTOR) 0.040 Series PAIR MATE Connectors
0.050 Centerline High Density and .100, .125, .156 Centerline Press-Fit Connectors 0.050 Centerline.....Alphabetical
0.062" Commercial Pin & Socket (.145" Centerline, 250 V, 7 A max.) 0.075 Box Contact Connectors
0.085 Centerline.....Alphabetical 0.093" Commercial Pin & Socket Connector (.198" & .200" Centerline, 250 V, 13 A max.)
0.100 Centerline Twin Beam (TBC) Connectors 0.100 Centerline.....Alphabetical
0.100, 0.125, 0.156 Centerline Cantilever Connectors 0.100, 0.125, 0.156 Centerline Modified Bellows Connectors
0.100, 0.125, 0.156 Centerline Press-Fit Connectors 0.125 Centerline....Alphabetical
0.140" MATE-N-LOK (.240" Centerline, 250 v, 28 A max.) 0.145" Centerline, 250 V, 7 A max. (.062" Commercial Pin & Socket Connector)
0.150 C/L Twin Leaf Mother Board Connectors 0.150 Centerline Press-Fit Connectors (AMP PACE and AMP ECONOMATE)
0.150 Centerline Receptacle Assemblies, End Stackable 0.156 Centerline.....Alphabetical
0.156" MATE-N-LOK (.390" Centerline, 600V, 30 A max.) 0.163" Centerline, 600 V, 9.5 A max. (Mini Universal MATE-N-LOK)
0.163" Centerline, 600 V, 9.5 A max., Contact True Position Assurance (Mini Universal MATE-N-LOK) 0.165" Centerline, 250 V, 9 A max. (Miniature Rectangular)
0.197 Centerline Metrimate, 600 V, 14 A max. 0.198" & .200" Centerline, 250 V, 13 A max. (.093" Commercial Pin & Socket Connector)
0.200 Inch Centerline AMPMODU .031 x .062 Interconnection System (Mod I) 0.200" Centerline, 250 V, 13 A max. (Commercial MATE-N-LOK)
0.240" Centerline, 250 v, 28 A max. (.140" MATE-N-LOK) 0.250 Series Housing Lance Connectors
0.250" C/L, 600 V, 19 A max. (Universal MATE-N-LOK) 0.250" C/L, 600 V, 19 A max., Contact True Position Assurance (Universal MATE-N-LOK II)
0.250" C/L, 600 V, 19 A max., Splash Proof/Sealed (Universal MATE-N-LOK) 0.390" Centerline, 600V, 30 A max. (.156" MATE-N-LOK)
0.5mm & 0.8mm MICTOR SB Connectors 0.5mm Fine Stack and Fine Mate Connectors
0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1mm Fine Pitch, Surface-Mount, Stacking Board-to-Board Connectors 0.6 [.024], 0.8 [.031], 1.0 [.039] Docking Connectors
0.64 mm AMP Connector System 0.64 mm Generation Y Connector System
0.64 mm GET (Global Electronic Technology) Connector System 0.64 [.025] Sq. Continuous Post Contacts, AMPMODU
0.6mm (GIGA) AMP Free Height Surface-Mount Connectors (Board-to-Board) 0.6mm Micro-Stack Connectors
0.8 [.031] Printed Circuit Board and Cable Connectors 0.8mm Centerline Cable-to-Board Micro Interconnect System
0.8mm Fine Stack and Fine Mate Connectors 0.8mm Free Height (FH) Connectors
1.0 mm Standard Edge Connectors
1.0mm and 1.5mm Mini Vibration Proof Connectors
1.0mm Free Height Surface-Mount (IEEE 1386) Connectors 1.0mm, 1.25mm and 2.0mm Centerline Self-Aligning Connectors (Alignment Free)
1.14 [.045] Sq. Continuous Post Contacts, AMPMODU 1.25, 2.0 Centerline Self-Aligning Connectors (Alignment Free)
1.27mm [.050] Docking Connectors 1.5/2.5/4.0mm Pin Diameter Connector System
1.5mm Centerline AMP Mini CT 1mm Fine Pitch, Surface-Mount, Stacking Board-to-Board Connectors
2-Pole Power Connectors
2.0mm, 1.25mm Centerline Self-Aligning Connectors (Alignment Free)
2.5/1.5/4.0mm Pin Diameter Connector System 2.5mm & 5mm Centerline Interconnection System Connectors and Contacts (CIS)
2.5mm & 5mm DUOPLUG Connector System 2.5mm & 5mm Miniature Interconnection System - IDC (Mini-Match)
2.5mm Metric Interconnect System 2.5mm Signal Double Lock Connector
2.5mm Signal Mate Connectors 2mm AMP CT Connectors
2mm Board-to-Board Connectors (AMPMODU) 2mm Centerline Multi-Directional Interconnection System
2mm FB (Futurebus+), Z-PACK Connectors 2mm Hard Metric Cable Connectors and Assemblies (Z-PACK 2mm HM)
2mm Hard Metric PCB Connectors and Accessories (Z-PACK HS3) 2mm HM Contacts and Accessories, Z-PACK
2mm HM PCB Mount Connectors, Z-PACK 2mm HM Z-PACK Universal Power Module
2XX Cable Termination Adapters
3.5mm Grace Inertia Connectors (GIC)
3.96mm x 4.6mm (.156" x .181") Centerline, 600 V, 12 A max. (Universal Power-UP)
3mm Centerline, 250V, 5 A max. (Micro MATE-N-LOK)
4.0/1.5/2.5mm Pin Diameter Connector System
4.2mm & 4.4mm, 600 V, Dual Action Receptacle Contact (AMP-DUAC, AMP-DUAC/PL & AMP-DUAC/UPC)
4x/12x Cable Assemblies
5.0mm & 2.5mm Centerline Connector System (AMP DUOPLUG)
5mm (.197") Centerline, 600 V, 14 A max. (Metrimate)
5mm Centerline Interconnection System Connectors and Contacts (CIS) 5mm Miniature Interconnection System - IDC (Mini-Match)
5mm Power Key Connectors
6.2mm Grace Inertia Connectors (GIC)
7-16 Series Coax Connectors



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