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QLogic 2700 Series
The QLogic® 2700 Series of Gen 6 (32Gb) Fibre Channel (FC) Adapters is a complete portfolio of single, dual and quad-port adapters, designed to accelerate mission-critical enterprise applications, build a highly resilient infrastructure and improve operational efficiency. QLogic Gen 6 FC technology provides the industry’s first 32Gbps adapter, delivering enhanced performance with up to 2.6 million IOPS (650K per port) and up to 24,000MBps of aggregate throughput, and providing unsurpassed reliability and resiliency. The 2700 Series Adapters provide advanced storage networking features, capable of supporting the most demanding virtualized and private cloud environments, while fully leveraging the capabilities of high-performance Gen 6 FC, all-flash arrays (AFAs), and demanding enterprise applications. The adapters support QLogic StorFusion™ technology, offering streamlined provisioning, in-depth diagnostics, guaranteed quality of service (QoS), and improved resiliency with in-built forward error correction (FEC). QLogic Gen 6 FC Adapters continue the tradition of providing complete port-level isolation with lower power and fewer CPU cycles while maintaining predictable and scalable performance across all ports.
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QOE2562 QLE2694 QLE2694L QLE2694U QLE2690 QLE2692 QLE2740 QLE2742 QLE2764 BR-1860-2 BR-1860-1 BR-825 BR-815 QLE10522 QLE10542 QLE2670 QLE2672 QLE2564L QLE2560 QLE2562 QLE2564 QLE2460 QLE2462 QLE2464 QLA2460 QLA2462 QLE2440 QLA200 QLA2440
BR-1860-2 BR-1860-1 BR-1020 QLE8440 QLE8442 QLE8360 QLE8362 QLE8240 QLE8242 QLE8150 QLE8152 QLE8140 QLE8142
QL45212H QL45211H QL45611H QLE3440 QLE3442 QLE3240 QLE3242
QLE4060C QLE4062C QLA4050 QLA4050C QLA4052C

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